2nd ICEDU 2023



"Empowering Education Excellence: Trends and Insights for a Better Professionalism"

Conference Topics:

1. Character Education

-   Self-awareness
-   Integrating values in teaching
-   Attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors
-   Parents, teachers, or school roles in education
-   Common challenges to shape character at school
-   Leadership
-   Freedom to learn

3. Teaching and Learning Excellence

-   Language learning (English ,Arabic, etc)
-   Teaching and Learning advancement in technology
-   Media, methods, and strategy
-   Curriculum and reflective teaching evaluation
-   Language for Specific Purposes
-   Education policy, research, and community service

2. Edupreneur and Internship

-   Start-up in Education
-   Center of Excellence
-   Learner’s Business Unit
-   Collaborative project
-   International and national opportunities and report
-   Virtual internship

4. Technology Empowering

-   Social media in learning
-   Benefits and challenges in using technology in learning
-   Interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary learning through integrated classroom
-   Distance Learning
-   Computational thinking
-   Virtual learning



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